Born 1955                              

Rochdale College of Art          1972-73

Manchester College of Art      1973-76 (BA. Hons Fine Art)

Manchester Polytechnic         1976-77 (PGCE)

Staffordshire Polytechnic        1982-84 (Dip. Art History)

Staffordshire University           1998-2000 (MA Fine Art)

Abbotsholme School              1984-2007 (Head of Art Department)


1979 Portland Gallery Manchester; 1982 Manchester Academy of Art; 1984/92 Stafford Art Gallery; 1988 Ferres Gallery, Leicestershire; 1989 Rugby School; 1999 Shrewsbury Art Gallery; 2000 Staffordshire University; 2001 Museum of Contemporary Art, Washington DC, USA; 2003 Buxton Art Gallery; 2008 Colin Jellicoe Gallery, Manchester; 2008-2010 Pride Art Gallery, Derby.


The paintings I have produced over the past decade may have changed in terms of imagery – ranging from skull motifs to dense crowd scenes and recently repetitions of monkeys and owls, but they share a number of preoccupations; the use of interlocking forms, a concern for shallow picture space, the use of repetition. They also, hopefully, deal with a series of paradoxes; to be playful and serious, figurative and abstract, schematic and improvised.              

A formal concern may be the trigger for a painting – how an image links up to its counterpart, the way shapes create rhythms running through a composition, the impact of unusual colour combinations – but there are also narratives that arise in the process. Relationships seem to exist between individual images, and some figures can be read as furtive, paranoid, mischievous or melancholic, despite being stripped down to minimal detail. Also the congested, densely packed arrangements I favour have a purpose. I would like the viewer to come close to the picture surface so they can explore them like a labyrinth: from afar they have an all-over density but close up certain nuances and quirky details can be found.

Most notable will be the use of particular paints to create distinctive surfaces – sometimes via a range of ready-made proprietary brands (from Plastikote gloss enamels to Hamerite), irridescent  acrylics or even mixtures of sand and PVA. I love the rich, reflective and brittle colours of the former and conversely the opaque, dry, saturated effects of the latter.


8 Lake Drive, Doveridge, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 5NW                                                          

Tel; 01889 563702

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Photo: Howard Grigg